GET List Account Events

GET{account code}/events
GET{account codes}

Retrieve various events of interest (such as liquidations or margin calls) for an account or several accounts.

// Request

Empty request

Authorization header should be included in case of basic authentication

// Path Parameters

account code - unique code assigned to an account (see Account Code)

// Query Parameters

The following parameters are supported to query orders for multiple accounts:

account codes (optional) - comma-separated list of unique codes assigned to an account (see Account Code)
limit (optional) - maximum number of orders to be returned. Maximum possible value is server-configured; if a larger value is specified, the maximum value is used.
start-from (optional) - indicates the starting index of instrument in a response to return. Default value is 0. To use paging set the limit and start-from parameters. Ex. for the limit=10&start-from=100 query the results page will contain instruments from 101st to 110th.
of-type (optional) - filter for the event type (comma-separated)
from-time, to-time (optional) - a filter for the event timestamp in UTC (see Dates and Times). Filter is inclusive.
period (optional) - a shortcut filter for event timestamp. A set of predefined values to query events:
today – lists all events in the current business day
previous-day – lists all events in the previous day
week – lists all events this trading week
previous-week – lists all events the previous trading week
Multiple values in comma-separated filters are treated as "or" – an order that has any of these properties is returned.

// Response 

A list of account events as a list of account event object.

The ETag header is sent.

// Errors

Common errors

API is not permitted for the user

Status code: 404 Not Found
Error code: 2
Description: Entity not found at server
Request URI is malformed (request parameters are incorrect)

Status code: 400 Bad Request
Error code: 32
Description: Incorrect request parameters (<request parameter that was incorrect>)

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