List Instrument Details

GET{account code}/instruments/{symbol}
GET{account code}/instruments/type/{type}
GET{account code}/instruments/query

Retrieve account-specific information about the instruments currently traded in the system

The Sway Charts system has an ability to configure multiple instrument-specific parameters differently per different accounts or groups of accounts. This API provides an ability to fetch these parameters.

The API supports searching for instruments by the following criteria:

  • Symbol (with wildcard supported)

  • Type (FX, CFD etc.)

The API is accessible to any API user but the user may be prohibited permission to some instruments or types of instruments. The instruments not permitted for the user won't be returned and an attempt to look at details for such an instrument will result in an empty list of instruments.

By default, the instruments are sorted by their symbol, but this can be changed with the help of order-by-asc and order-by-desc query parameters.

// Request

Empty request

Authorization header should be included in case of basic authentication

// Path Parameters

account code - unique code assigned to an account (see Account Code)
symbol - is the unique instrument symbol in the system (e.g. EUR/USD). The value should be URL-encoded.
type - type of the instrument in the systems (e.g. CFD). The value should be URL-encoded

// Query Parameters

The following parameters are supported for all the resources:

limit (optional) - maximum number of instruments to be displayed on query results page. Maximum possible value is server-configured; if a larger value is specified, the maximum value is used.
start-from (optional) - indicates the starting index of instrument in a response to return. Default value is 0. To use paging set the limit and start-from parameters. Ex. for the limit=10&start-from=100 query the results page will contain instruments from 101st to 110th.
sort-by-asc and sort-by-desc (optional) - defines a sorting mode for the result. Only one of the two parameters is permitted. sort-by-asc specifies sorting in ascending direction, sort-by-desc specifies sorting in descending direction. Multiple comma-separated criteria are supported. Possible values are TYPE and SYMBOL.
The following query arguments are supported for the /instruments/query resource:

symbols - symbol (or its part, URL encoded) to filter instruments. If specified, only those instruments which symbol contains the value will be returned. If not specified, all available instruments will be returned. The * (asterisk) wildcard indicates any number of any characters.
types - filter for the types of instruments. If not specified, instruments with all accessible types are returned. Wildcards are not supported. Several types can be indicated in a comma-separated list.

/query?symbols=EUR/USD – an instrument with the EUR/USD symbol
/query?symbols=EUR/* - all instruments with EUR as the first currency
/query?symbols=EUR/USD,AAPL,GOOG – three instruments with symbols of EUR/USD, AAPL, GOOG.
/query?types=FOREX – only Forex instruments
/query?types=INDEX,STOCK – instruments of INDEX and STOCK types

// Response

A list of instruments that match the request

The ETag header is not sent in response.

// Common Errors

Common errors

API is not permitted for the user

Status code: 404 Not Found
Error code: 2
Description: Entity not found at server
Request URI is malformed (cannot be matched with query criteria)

Status code: 400 Bad Request
Error code: 31
Description: Malformed query URI
Request URI is malformed (request parameters are incorrect; limit or start-from are negative)

Status code: 400 Bad Request
Error code: 32
Description: Incorrect request parameters (<request parameter that was incorrect>)
Request URI specifies an account which do not exist or are not permitted for the client

Status code: 404 Not Found
Error code: N/A
Description: N/A

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