Revision History


  • Clarification on simultaneous removal and addition an order from/to an order group - this is not supported, separate requests should be used

  • Small fixed for HMAC authentication: Token field is removed from set of key-value pairs required for HMAC hash-candidate, /dxsca-web path added to URI.


  • Change in Order group Request: THEN order(s) shall have only GTC TIF

  • Change in Single Order Request: Only GTC, DAY and GTD are supported


  • Section 'Rate Limits & Throttling' was updated with information about rate limits for login/'get data'/trading requests.


  • New revamped version of the specification

  • in-domains query filters are no longer supported as users are created in a single default domain.


  • Extending orders with the Hedging Context - hedged order id and external id that are used only for dealer users


  • Parameter 'side' is removed from Order Leg type

  • Position metric fields was updated with information about openPrice, fpl in instrument currency, instrument currency and current price in instrument currency


  • Position metric fields has been updated with information about openPrice in instrument currency

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