GET List Account Portfolio

GET{account code}/portfolio
GET{account codes}

Retrieve account portfolio for a single account or for several accounts at once. Portfolio contains information about open positions and working orders on an account. Closed positions and completed orders are absent from the portfolio. Users can always view portfolio on their own accounts, but can only view portfolio of other accounts if a special permission is set.

// Request

Empty request

Authorization header should be included in case of basic authentication

// Path Parameters

account code - unique code assigned to an account (see Account Code)

// Query Parameters

The following parameters are supported to filter and limit users:

account codes (optional) - comma-separated list of unique codes assigned to an account (see Account Code)
limit (optional) - maximum number of users to be returned. Maximum possible value is server-configured; if a larger value is specified, the maximum value is used.
start-from (optional) - indicates the starting index of a user in a response to return. Default value is 0. To use paging set the limit and start-from parameters. Ex. for the limit=10&start-from=100 query the results page will contain users from 101st to 110th.
last-updated-from - time of last user's update in UTC since which to include users. Inclusive. See Dates & Times.
last-updated-to - time of last user's update in UTC till which to include users. By default, current timestamp is assumed. See Dates & Times.

// Response

A list of account portfolios that match the request

The ETag header is sent.

// Errors

Common errors

API is not permitted for the user

Status code: 404 Not Found
Error code: 2
Description: Entity not found at server
Request URI is malformed (cannot be matched with query criteria)

Status code: 400 Bad Request
Error code: 31
Description: Malformed query URI

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